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E-Book: Runner’s Guide to London

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The London runner’s best friend is now an e-book! 300-pages of London’s best running routes, plus training tips, interviews with local legends and a complete guide to London’s rich and diverse running community.

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London is the greenest place on the planet for its size, meaning it is made for running.

This 300-page book covers almost every park, trail, woodland and waterway within London’s 32 boroughs. With over 120 London running routes plus interviews, training tips, races, club info, and running challenges, the Runner’s Guide to London is the must-have guide book for all London runners.

Save this e-book to your phone to take with you on the run!

Page Count: 300
General Release Date: 1 July 2015

Print Price: £14.99
E-Book Price: £5

Please Note: This book was published in 2015. While we have endeavoured to keep it updated for the e-book version, there may be information in this book that is out-of-date (in particular, transport methods and park opening and closing times).

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